Home Depot’s Child Safety Day

June 7, 2003 – Home Depot’s Child Safety Day

Creatures and Kids participated in this safety event for children.  Home Depot had several activities available.

CKI handed out free coloring books, teaching about safely interacting with dogs, and pamphlets titled “Saving the whole family; disaster preparedness series.”  Cindy displayed the emergency kit she assembled based on the pamphlet.

Therapy dogs, Jake and Bailey, came to interact with the crowd.  They stayed busy greeting the crowd, especially the children.

Home Depot had a booth for parents to photograph and fingerprint their child for identification records.

Tables were set up for the children to assemble wooden boxes, have their face painted, and a cake walk for the sweet tooth of both children and adults.

The fire department brought a fire truck – always exciting for the youngsters in the crowd.

The OKC Mounted Patrol was a big hit, too!  Seems all the kids wanted to pet the horse.

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