When you share your pet in a therapeutic situation, amazing things happen.  The following are some heartfelt tales from some of our teams and the people they visit.


An Observation from a Child Advocate

“These wonderful, calm and excellently trained animals bring calm, wonder and positive reactions out in the children, and mothers who rarely smile are beaming as they watch their children interact with them.”  –Tara



This is a Thank You note Dr Mosca received…


SpikeDear Dr. Mosca,


I wanted to thank you and Spike for visiting my father during his extended stay at Integris S.W. Regional Hospital from April – June of this year.  Daddy had 2 types of cancer, both at stage 4 before they were detected.  He, of course, endured many procedures and much pain during those months, but said Spike’s visits gave him more relief (up to 2 hours, during and after the visit) from the pain than the pain medications.  This info inspired me to get my own dog to train and certify for pet therapy.  I used to do hospice work anyway, so this facet seem a wonderful, natural, next step.  Thank you! — name withheld for privacy




We were visiting at a hospital and at one room went to visit the man was laying on his side and I had put Boomers blanket on the bed before I placed him on it.  Boomer then laid down beside him, laid his head on the man’s leg.   The man smiled at him.  The nurse said after we left the room it was the first time the man had smiled since he had been there in a couple of weeks. – Sue







My cat, Bobbi, was passed from child to child and person to person one day.  One lady particularly enjoyed Bobbi’s visit.  When we were ready to leave the facility, she showed me a ball of fur she had collected from Bobbi.  She was going to keep it forever and was rubbing the softness of it on her face.  – Debbie








I had wanted my dog, Jake to be a champion obedience dog, but he and God had other plans. I took him over to our trainer’s house to have him evaluated for therapy work. While there, a woman came in with her dog. What I didn’t know was that she was healing from a major dog bite to her face.
As I was talking to Penny, Jake belly crawled over to the lady and laid his head on her lap. It was only later that I found out about the dog bite. To think that Jake tried to comfort her was an amazing act and told me what his mission would be.  – Cindy






One day, Bailey and I had been working with children at a shelter.  It was time to leave, and we were saying our goodbyes to the children.  I had noticed a woman that had been nearby watching us and quietly wiping away her tears.  There had been no interaction up to this point. 
All of a sudden, the woman approached my dog, Bailey.  She sat on the curb and looked into his eyes – and he looked into hers.  He was less than once inch from her face.  I never do this, but I just dropped his leash and backed away, giving them both their “moment of healing.”   – Loretta





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