School Programs

Please  look through these lesson plans to find great ways to influence children to have a positive attitude, build self-esteem and confidence to succeed in life and much more.

Each lesson is based on the grade school level of the individual. As the individual progresses to the next grade level, so will the lessons taught — eventually ending with the adult category.

Our organization can help you design a program that will fit your school.


Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 6 *Grades 7 – 12 * Adult*

  • B.A.R.K.
    (Be Aware Responsible & Kind)

  • Kind Kids

  • Where do Animals Live

  • What is a Pet

  • We All Have Feelings

  • Making Positive Choices

  • Animals Around Us

  • When Dogs Were Wolves

  • Pets & People Helping Each Other

  • Choosing Compassion

  • Families Come In Different Shapes

  • Creating a Caring Class

  • We Share the World

  • Dog's Senses

  • What Would You Do If…

  • The Value of Animals

  • Domestication Throughout Civilization

  • We All Have a Purpose

  • Understanding Our Community

  • Depending on Each Other

  • Who’s Land is it Anyway?

  • The Power of Empathy

  • Choosing to Help Others

  • Broken Bonds

  • Problem-Solving: Pet Overpopulation

  • Telling Humane Tales

  • Commitment

  • Creatures and Kids
    (Who We Are-What We Do)

  • Therapy Animals

  • The Link between Animal Abuse & Violent Crimes

  • The Message We Send

  • Choosing a Family Pet

  • Keeping the Whole Family Safe

  • Five Things Kids Can Learn From Pets

*An appropriate certified therapeutic TAI team will accompany the individual.

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