Memorial Day – Remembering Donna Price

Donna & Suzy Snowflake

As Memorial Day approaches, I would like to remember Donna Price.  It was just last June, 2011 when Creatures and Kids lost one of our volunteers to cancer.  I am just now able to write about my friend without tears falling on my keyboard.  Donna was one of the those people who was always ready to volunteer to help, whether it was taking her therapy dog Suzy Snowflake on visits or helping at events, such as evaluations / certifications for other new teams.  She was proud to wear her Creatures and Kids logo wear and often told anyone who would listen about our organization.  She never failed to flash a big smile and say, “Thank you for letting me volunteer with you today!”  But I would like to say, “Thank you, Donna, for being part of Creatures and Kids and letting us be a part of your life.”  —  Loretta

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